new collection: PATHWAYS

about the PATHWAYS collection:

an exploration along, picking up materials as I go,
pine needles, sticks, sycamore seeds, thoughts turn to,
reusing, recording, much to say and much to do,
simple marks record complicated times.

This collection is made with the gatherings of my walks with my wayward dog.

The silence of the early mornings, broken by the Jays screeches or the Green Woodpeckers undulating call, the squelch of the mud as the rain falls, or the crunch of the leaves and debris beneath my feet in the colder, brighter days.

As time passes, my pockets become heavier with sticks, with ash keys, with pine needles, shapes, marks and patterns recorded, rhythms of journeys. I work with them, recording my thoughts, my experiences within their materials, a partnership emerges, one where the object I am engaging with is at the heart of the work.

This is PATHWAYS, this is the path that perhaps might not be walked so often, but sometimes you have to think, ‘What happens if I go along there’…