I am drawn to the forgotten, the objects that I find at the side-lines, the tide lines and the Hinterlands… brambles, rusted metal shapes, drift wood, seeds and pips…to be the first person to pick the object up fresh from the sea and brimming with possibility is intoxicating

The objects I find dictate the outcome, the reason that I have picked them up must be apparent in the final piece. It might be the sculptural shape of the sea battered wood, or the delicacy of a sea nut/seed that has found its way onto a windswept beach intact and with a huge journey trapped within its shell… Or maybe the metal arch rusted and discarded, its original purpose lost… 

Mark making is at the heart of my practice, it is essential to me that the pieces I make are intuitive, the silver shapes I make working in symbiosis with the found objects I use

I see each piece of jewellery as a three-dimensional drawing, an extension of the marks and shapes that hold endless fascination for me and that I see everywhere I walk and look.